Point Udall

St Croix

Point Udall is the easternmost geographic point in US territory. As you face into a 25-knot trade wind, the vista from the promontory high above the surf-strewn beaches is enough to make you hear symphonies. Hikers will like the challenge of taking the steep path down the hillside to isolated Isaac Bay, a nesting area for endangered sea turtles; look for the trailhead near the car park.

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Nearby St Croix attractions

1. Isaac Bay

0.44 MILES

This secluded beach off Rte 82 offers no shade or facilities, and you'll have to hike about 20 minutes through scrub to reach it, but you'd be hard…

2. Buck Island Reef National Monument

4.11 MILES

For such a small landmass – 1 mile long by half a mile wide – Buck Island draws big crowds. It’s not so much what’s on top but what’s underneath that…

3. Christiansted National Historic Site

8.89 MILES

This historic site includes several structures. The most impressive is Fort Christiansvaern (1749), a four-point citadel occupying the deep-yellow…

4. Steeple Building

8.94 MILES

The white building with the Georgian steeple was St Croix' first house of worship. Lutherans erected the edifice between 1750 and 1753, adding the steeple…

6. Protestant Cay

8.97 MILES

This small oval cay, located less than 200yd from Kings Wharf, is a little oasis. It’s the site of a mellow resort with a sandy beach and bar-restaurant…

7. Hibiscus Beach

11.09 MILES

Sand seekers hit palm-fringed Hibiscus Beach, 2 miles west of Christiansted off Rte 75/Northside Rd. There's good snorkeling at the beach's western end…

8. Salt River Bay National Historic Park

12.89 MILES

About 4 miles west of Christiansted, Salt River Bay holds prehistoric archaeological ruins and is the only documented place where Christopher Columbus…