Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge

St Croix

Created to protect nesting areas of the vulnerable leatherback sea turtle, this sporadically open wildlife refuge at the southern edge of Frederiksted, off Tranberg Rd, also harbors the most pristine stretches of sand on the island. Remember the final scene from The Shawshank Redemption? This is where it was shot!

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1. Estate Whim Plantation Museum

1.47 MILES

Only 11 of Whim Plantation’s original 150 acres survive at the museum, but the grounds thoroughly evoke the colonial days when sugarcane ruled St Croix…

2. Frederiksted Pier & Waterfront


The palm-lined seafront has benches where you can sit and watch the cruise-ship scene. During quiet times (ie when cruise ships aren’t here), snorkelers…

3. Fort Frederik

1.96 MILES

The deep-red color of this fort at the foot of the pier is what most visitors remember about the little citadel. It’s also where the island’s enslaved…

4. St George Village Botanical Garden

3.75 MILES

This serene 16-acre park is built over a colonial sugar plantation. More than 1000 native and exotic species grow on the grounds. Orchid lovers in…

5. Cruzan Rum Distillery

3.77 MILES

To find out how the islands’ popular elixir gets made, stop by the historic distillery for a tour. The journey through the oak-barrel-stacked warehouses…

6. Captain Morgan Rum Distillery


Captain Morgan opened its shiny distillery on St Croix in 2010. The visitor center offers 30-minute tours. Expect multimedia films, self-guided…

7. Cane Bay

7.52 MILES

A long, thin strand along Rte 80 about 9 miles west of Christiansted, Cane Bay is deservedly venerated. It provides easy access to some of the island’s…

8. Salt River Bay National Historic Park

10.08 MILES

About 4 miles west of Christiansted, Salt River Bay holds prehistoric archaeological ruins and is the only documented place where Christopher Columbus…