Town Hall

The Carpathians

Castle aside, Mukacheve's most impressive chunk of architecture is its mint-green secessionist/neo-Gothic town hall, an unusual find in rural Ukraine. It houses various offices and businesses but sadly not a tourist office.

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1. Ploshcha Kyryla ta Mefodiya

0.08 MILES

Mukacheve's attractive main square, more a wide boulevard than a classic piazza, extends southeast from the town hall. At its northern end stands a…

2. Palanok Castle

1.58 MILES

Built atop a 68m-tall volcano, Mukacheve's highlight is this dramatic castle that pops up from the surrounding plain west of town, like something in a…

3. Folk Architecture & Life Museum

22.53 MILES

Next door to Uzhhorod Castle, this is one of the tidiest open-air museums in the country, albeit small. Highlights include several Hutsul cottages with…

4. Uzhhorod Castle

22.59 MILES

On the hill overlooking the town stands the 15th-century castle with massive walls and beefy bastions built to withstand Turkish assaults. The main palace…

5. Greek Catholic Church

22.82 MILES

Monumental, recently renovated and built in the neoclassical style, this 18th-century former Jesuit church is worth a peek inside for its huge iconostasis…

6. Philharmonia

22.87 MILES

Built in 1911, it's pretty obvious at first glance that this beautiful concert venue began life as a synagogue. Its intricately carved terracota facade…

7. Cheshsky Kvartal

23.43 MILES

A short walk west of the immediate city centre, hemmed by the Uzh River on its southern flank, lies the Czech Quarter, an unexpected neighbourhood of…