The ruins of the ancient Greek city founded in 422 BC are of great significance to local visitors. This is the place where Volodymyr the Great was famously baptised into Christianity in AD 988, launching what would become the Russian Orthodox Church. Earlier that year, he sacked the city, helping the Byzantine emperor to put down a local rebellion. Today the best-preserved structure is the ancient theatre. There's also the restored Vladimirsky Cathedral and an interesting museum displaying items excavated on the site. History apart, Khersones provides a nice photo opportunity, particularly with the stone arch, whose bell comes from a Crimean War cannon. In May, the place is ablaze with blooming poppy flowers.

Local bus/marshrutka 22 goes directly to Khersones. Or catch trolleybus 2 or 6 westwards to the Rossiya (россия) stop, turn back to the first street (vul Yeroshenko; Ерошенко) and walk for 15 minutes.