From Krasna pl it's a three-minute walk southeast along pr Myru to the old historic core, known as the Dytynets ('citadel' in old Russian). Today it's an informal park dotted with domed churches overlooking the Desna River. The highlight is the 12th-century Boryso-Hlibsky Cathedral, which contains a worthwhile museum where the star attraction is the pair of intricate silver Royal Doors, commissioned by the famous Cossack leader Ivan Mazepa.

The building next to the cathedral is the 18th-century collegium, built in a style known as Cossack baroque. It houses an exhibition of Ukrainian village icons.

Nearby is the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral (Transfiguration of the Saviour; 1017), with its two distinctive missile-like corner bell towers. Within its dark interior are the tombs of several members of the Kyivan Rus royalty, including the younger brother of Yaroslav the Wise. Lining the southwestern edge of the Dytynets is a row of 18th-century cannons, from where you get a prime view of the five sparkling golden domes of St Catherine's Church in the immediate foreground.

At the southern tip of the Dytynets stands a Shevchenko monument, or should that be 'sits' – this one has an unusually young Shevvy chilling gloomily on a park bench, momentarily distracted from his view of the sluggish river below.

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Nearby attractions

1. Collegium

0.06 MILES

Once a major theology school set up on the orders of tsar Peter the Great with the money of hetman (Cossack chieftain) Ivan Mazepa in 1700 (when the two…

2. Boryso-Hlibsky Cathedral

0.06 MILES

With a helmet-shaped cupola typical of Kyivan Rus church architecture, the 12th-century cathedral is one of the earliest tributes to the first Russian…

3. Tarnovsky History Museum

0.15 MILES

The charmingly old-fashioned museum traces local material history from paleolithic bones to the post-apocalyptic self-made shields and helmets of Maidan…

4. Krasna Ploshcha

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Life in Chernihiv revolves around the huge Krasna pl (Red Sq). As with its Moscow namesake, there is nothing remotely bolshie in the word 'red', which…

5. Antoniy Caves

1.21 MILES

The Antoniy Caves, Chernihiv's answer to Kyiv's Kyevo-Pecherska Lavra, lurk beneath the ground a short walk north of the Trinity Monastery, under the…

6. Trinity Monastery

1.36 MILES

About 2km southwest of St Catherine's Church you'll spot the 58m bell tower of the Troyitsko-Illynsky Monastery (Trinity Monastery). It's worth climbing…