Lenin's Embankment

Top choice in Crimea

Everyone's favourite pastime in Yalta is walking up and down the seafront nab Lenina and the pedestrian zone along the Uchan-su River, where you'll find a small History Museum and a Catholic church. A popular attraction here is a flimsy plastic-bucket-style chairlift that swings above the rooftops to the Darsan hill. To see old dachas, venture into the quiet neighbourhood along vul Botkinskaya and vul Chekhova.

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2. Chekhov House-Museum

0.79 MILES

With many of Yalta's attractions a short distance away, the Chekhov House-Museum is the only must-see in town. It's sort of The Cherry Orchard incarnate…

3. Massandra Winery

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Memoirists claim that Tsar Nicholas II would always keep a flask of Massandra port hidden in his high boot during his daily Sunny path walks, while his…

4. Chufut-Kale

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Rising 200m, this long and bluff plateau houses a honeycomb of caves and structures where people took refuge for centuries. It's wonderful to explore,…

5. Iosofatova Valley

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The forested Iosofatova Valley beneath the Chufut-Kale plateau hides a breathtaking and spooky sight. Thousands of moss-covered gravestones covered in…

6. Uspensky Monastery

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Stop for a moment and say 'aah!' at possibly the cutest little church in a country absolutely jam-packed with them. Part of the small Uspensky Monastery,…

7. Devlet-Saray

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The site where Crimean Tatar khans originally settled in Bakhchysaray now consists of a modest museum, ruins of a public bath, a mausoleum where 18…

8. Khans' Palace

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When she was busy ordering the mass destruction of Bakhchysaray's mosques in the 18th and early 19th centuries, Catherine the Great spared the Khans'…