Kihingami Wetlands Sanctuary

Southwestern Uganda

This eco-tourism site, set up with the help of Fort Portal’s Kabarole Tours, preserves an attractive 13-sq-km valley that otherwise would have been gobbled up by the surrounding tea plantations. Despite its small size, a remarkable 230 bird species have been spotted here, including Jameson’s wattle-eye and white-spotted flufftail. There’s also a good chance of seeing red colobus monkeys and spotted-necked otters.

Local guides lead forest walks (USh25,000 per person) and birdwatching walks (USh25,000 per person), both at 7.30am and 3pm daily. You can also tour a fair-trade tea factory (USh25,000 per person) at 9am and 2pm.

Kihingami is 15km east of Fort Portal, just before the Sebitoli section of Kibale National Park. Book through Kabarole Tours or take any minibus (USh5000, 30 minutes) heading east from Fort Portal towards Sebitoli village.

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