Mugusu Market

Fort Portal

The Wednesday market, 11km south of Fort Portal, is the largest market in the west and attracts traders from all over, including many from the DRC selling fresh produce, clothing and bric-a-brac.

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Nearby Fort Portal attractions

1. Karambi Royal Tombs

3.45 MILES

These royal tombs, 4km south of town, make for a peaceful excursion. While from outside it’s not much to look at, if you can find the caretaker he’ll let…

2. Amabeere Cave

4.41 MILES

The reputed birthplace of King Ndahura, this small cave offers more cultural significance than natural wonder. The water dripping from the roof is milky…

3. Tooro Palace

4.49 MILES

Looking down at town from its highest hill, the palace is worth a visit purely for its 360-degree panoramic views. It’s the residence of King Oyo, who…

4. Tooro Botanical Garden

6.19 MILES

These homegrown botanical gardens have a lot of well-signed indigenous plants and trees, as well as an organic farming project growing herbs, flowers,…

5. Top of the World

9.49 MILES

On the highest hill behind Lake Nyamirima, from this viewpoint you can see up to five lakes (depending on the air clarity).

6. Rwenzori Mountains National Park

10.29 MILES

The legendary, mist-covered Rwenzori Mountains were named a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994 because of both their beauty and biodiversity. It’s the…

7. Kihingami Wetlands Sanctuary

11.54 MILES

This eco-tourism site, set up with the help of Fort Portal’s Kabarole Tours, preserves an attractive 13-sq-km valley that otherwise would have been…

8. Semuliki National Park

16.68 MILES

The Semliki Valley is a little corner of Congo poking into Uganda. The only tropical lowland rainforest in East Africa is a continuation of the huge Ituri…