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Mardin's rambling commercial hub parallels 1 Caddesi one block down the hill. It's packed with metalworkers, donkey-saddle repairers, woodworkers, stores selling pots and pans, little teahouses and the odd souvenir shop. Donkeys still clop down the cobblestones, vying with motorbikes as the main form of transport within the alley muddle.

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Nearby Mardin attractions

1. Şahkulubey Mansion


One of the best examples of Mardin's early-20th-century architecture can still be seen while walking down 1 Caddesi. Built in 1909, the Şahkulubey Mansion…

2. Ulu Cami

0.12 MILES

This 12th-century Iraqi Seljuk structure suffered badly during the Kurdish rebellion of 1832. Inside it's fairly plain, but the expansive courtyard and…

3. Mardin Museum

0.16 MILES

This superbly restored late-19th-century mansion was once Mardin's Syriac Catholic Patriarchate and sports carved pillars and elegant arcades on the upper…

4. Abdüllatif Cami

0.16 MILES

This gracious mosque was built in the 14th century and has been finely restored. Both the external grand gateway, bordered by fine stone carvings, and the…

5. Sultan İsa (Zinciriye) Medresesi

0.18 MILES

Dating from 1385, this medrese (seminary) complex's highlight is the imposing recessed doorway, but make sure you wander through the pretty courtyards and…

6. Forty Martyrs Church

0.26 MILES

This church dates back to the 4th century, and was renamed in the 15th century to commemorate Cappadocian martyrs, now remembered in the fine carvings…

7. Old Post Office

0.38 MILES

Turkey's most impressive post office was built in 1890 and was originally the home of the Şahtana family before becoming Mardin's post office in the 1950s…

8. Şehidiye Cami


Look for the elegant, slender minaret of this 14th-century mosque. Access is down the staircase right beside the side of Atilla Çay Bahçesi.