Dengbêj Evi

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The Dengbêj Evi (House of Dengbêj) showcases the Kurdish tradition of Dengbêj, storytelling by song. Kurdish elders gather together in informal groups and take turns to sing and chant in an ethereal and mesmerising style. Their associates add bold affirmations to underpin the melancholy and yearning melodies, and it's a compelling way to spend an hour or so in Turkey's most important Kurdish city. The complex also houses a tea garden.

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1. Behram Paşa Camii

0.04 MILES

The Behram Paşa Camii, in a residential area deep in the maze of narrow streets, is Diyarbakır's largest mosque.

2. Ulu Cami

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Diyarbakır's most impressive mosque is the Ulu Cami, built in 1091 by a Seljuk sultan. Incorporating elements from an earlier Byzantine church on the site…

3. Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı Museum

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The poet Cahit Sıtkı Tarancı (1910–56) was born in this two-storey black basalt house built in 1820 in a side street about 50m north of the Ulu Cami. It…

4. Safa Camii

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Persian in style, the Safa Camii has a highly decorated minaret with blue tiles incorporated in its design.

5. City Walls & Gates


Diyarbakır's single most conspicuous feature is its great circuit of basalt walls, probably dating from Roman times, although the present walls, around…

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The population of Diyarbakır once included many Christians, mainly Armenians and Chaldeans, but most of them were pushed out or perished during the…

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