Tbeti Church


The impressively huge frontage of this shattered 10th-century Georgian church stands at the back of a peaceful highland village accessed by a 10km series of partly asphalted roads amid some very pretty landscapes. As you approach, a carpet of terraced fields rises towards the church, but the ruins are almost invisible between trees until shortly before you arrive. There are a couple of cafes next to the site.

To reach it, take the road signposted to Karagöl from beside Şavşat Kalesi castle, turn almost immediately right onto a new road alongside the river, then left on an unpaved road. Turn left again onto a roughly asphalted older road (away from the next Karagöl sign) then fork right before turning left just before the church. The total distance from Şavşat Kalesi is 10km. There's an alternative route from Şavşat town.