South Aegean

Founded in the 6th century BC, Euromos peaked between 200 BC and AD 200 under Hellenistic and then Roman rule. Its indigenous deity had earlier been synthesised with Zeus, and indeed the partially restored Corinthian Temple of Zeus Lepsynus is testimony to that. Inscriptions on the west columns record donations by prominent citizens; look to the south side for a carving of a labrys (double-bitted axe), Zeus' symbol, flanked by two ears, suggesting that an oracle was in residence.

Excavations are ongoing here. The temple is between Bafa (formerly Çamıçı) and Milas, signposted from the highway just south of Selimiye village. To get here, take a bus or dolmuş running between Milas and Söke and ask to get off at the ruins, which lie about 200m north of the highway.

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