Sandy Beach


Side's main beach is north of the centre, and backed by rows of resort hotels. Follow the main road out of town (Side Caddesi) and turn left at Şarmaşık Sokak opposite the otogar (bus station). There is regular dolmuş transport to the beach from near Side Theatre.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Side attractions

1. Side Museum

0.29 MILES

Contained within a 5th-century bathhouse, Side's museum has an impressive (if small) collection of statues, sarcophagi, reliefs and coins in air…

3. Agora

0.33 MILES

Just east of Side's theatre and across the road from the museum are these agora remains, which once functioned as the ancient town's slave market.

4. Temple of Tyche

0.33 MILES

The ruined, circular-shaped Temple of Tyche is dedicated to the goddess of fortune.

5. Theatre

0.35 MILES

Built in the 2nd century AD, Side's spectacular theatre could seat up to 20,000 spectators and rivals the nearby theatre of Aspendos for sheer drama. Look…

7. State Agora

0.42 MILES

These remnants of the state agora sit dramatically beside Side's eastern beach. An interpretive panel shows the two storeys of statues that once decorated…

8. Eastern Beach

0.48 MILES

If you walk down Barbaros Caddesi, passing by the large State Agora ruin, you'll come to the lovely Eastern Beach, which is a prime spot of sand on which…