Saat Kulesi

Central Anatolia

Follow the signs from the central square on Cumhuriyet Caddesi to the Saat Kulesi from where there are excellent panoramic views over the red roofs of Kastamonu and over to the castle with the rolling hills behind. There's a cafe here as well.

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Nearby Central Anatolia attractions

1. Archaeology Museum

0.17 MILES

South of Nasrullah Bridge, this small museum has well-displayed exhibits and detailed information panels in English. The central hall is devoted to…

2. Ethnography Museum


South of Nasrullah Bridge on Cumhuriyet Caddesi, turn right after Gazi Paşa school to reach the restored 1870 Liva Paşa Konağı, with its upstairs salons…

3. Nasrullah Meydanı

0.33 MILES

Leading off from Nasrullah Bridge, Kastamonu's main square centres on the Ottoman Nasrullah Cami (1506). Poet Mehmet Akif Ersoy delivered speeches in this…

4. Osmanlı Sarayı

0.45 MILES

Atatürk once visited this grand building in its former incarnation as Kastamonu's town hall. It then became a wonderfully atmospheric hotel but since its…

5. Castle

0.49 MILES

Kastamonu's castle, lording it up on a rock outcrop above the central city, is currently undergoing a massive restoration not likely to be finished until…

6. Mahmud Bey Cami

8.72 MILES

Amid rolling hills and fertile fields, the hamlet of Kasaba, 17km northwest of Kastamonu, is a pretty but unlikely place to find one of Turkey's finest…