Aliağa Cami

Central Anatolia

In the adjoining garden of this small 17th-century mosque are five graves, including that of the mosque's founder Haji Agha Mustafa Bey.

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1. Bürüciye Medresesi

0.17 MILES

The Bürüciye Medresesi's monumental Seljuk gateway is a fitting entry to this medrese (seminary), built to teach 'positive sciences' in 1271. Inside, in a…

2. Paşa Cami

0.19 MILES

The bulky yellow-stone Paşa Cami is a very new mosque by Sivas standards – built in 1805.

3. Kale Cami

0.19 MILES

This squat Ottoman mosque (1580) was constructed by Sultan Murat III's grand vizier Mahmut Paşa.

4. Subaşı Hanı

0.21 MILES

This Ottoman-era han (caravanserai), with its timber and white-plaster facade, is still used as shop space for traders. Inside plenty of spice sellers…

5. Şifaiye Medresesi

0.23 MILES

Dating to 1218, this was one of the most important medical schools built by the Seljuks and was once Anatolia's foremost hospital.

6. Çifte Minare Medrese

0.24 MILES

Commissioned by the Mongol-İlkhanid vizier Şemsettin Güveyni after defeating the Seljuks at the battle of Kosedağ, the Çifte Minare Medrese (1271) has a…

7. Meydan Cami

0.26 MILES

The single minaret Meydan Cami is a good landmark on Atatürk Caddesi.

8. Ulu Cami

0.33 MILES

The Ulu Cami (1197) is Sivas' oldest significant building, and one of Anatolia's oldest mosques. Built by the Danışmends, it's a large, low room with a…