Ulu Cami

Mosque in Battalgazi

On first entering Battalgazi's 13th-century Ulu Cami, the low-ceilinged mosque will seem quite plain but the dome is decorated with a mesmerising spiral of turquoise tile work and underneath is a very finely carved minber (pulpit). The mosque dates from the reign of Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad I. Its exterior is rimmed by squat stone buttresses and topped by a single brick minaret.

To get here, head south on Osman Ateş Caddesi from Battalgazi's main square and take the signposted left turn about 400m past the Silahtar Mustafa Paşa Hanı.

Just south of the Ulu Cami is the broken-topped, 13th-century Halfetiye Minaret, also built of bricks; 150m to the east (a 300m road walk) the Ak Minare Cami (White Minaret Mosque) also dates from the 13th century.