Kuşadası Castle

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Kuşadası's small, picturesque Byzantine fortress stands on the causeway-connected Güvercin Adası (Pigeon Island) and has recently been renovated. It's now part of a popular and well-kept public park. A path winds around the island past excellent information boards and a small lighthouse, providing fine views of Kuşadası. Inside the fortress there's a skeleton of a 14.5m fin whale and a few models of sailing boats.

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1. Atatürk Monument


An enormous statue of the national hero overlooks Kuşadası from a hilltop to the west of the centre.

2. Bazaar

0.47 MILES

Immediately in the line of sight of disembarking cruisers, the main bazaar area, which incorporates the Grand Bazaar and the Orient Bazaar, hawks 'genuine…

3. Kaleiçi Camii

0.62 MILES

The 'Old Town Mosque', built by Grand Vizier Öküz Mehmed Pașa in the 17th century, is the most impressive mosque in Kușadasi and can accommodate 550…

5. Haci İbrahim Camii

0.67 MILES

This 17th-century mosque employs an unusual style of Ottoman architecture. The wooden ceiling of the rectangular structure is covered by roof tiles.

6. Kuşadası Town Beach

0.91 MILES

Kuşadası town's small artificial beach is nice enough, but gets very crowded in summer with tourists from the big nearby hotels.

7. Kadınlar Denizi

1.34 MILES

Kuşadası's most famous beach is Kadınlar Denizi (literally 'Ladies Sea'), south of town and served by dolmuşes running along the coastal road. Kadınlar…

8. Mary's House

6.04 MILES

Atop the foundations of a ruined house on the slopes of Bülbül Dağı (Mt Coressos), said by some to be where the Virgin Mary lived, a chapel now receives…