Site of a necropolis dating to the 6th century BC which was later covered by the upper (or state) agora.

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1. Upper Gate (Magnesian Gate)

0.05 MILES

This is the more popular entry point of Ephesus' two entrances. It was erected under Emperor Vespasian in the 1st century AD.

2. Upper Agora

0.05 MILES

This large square measuring 58m by 170m, and used for legislation and local political talk, was flanked by grand columns and filled with polished marble…

3. Baths of Varius

0.07 MILES

Baths were situated at the main entrances to ancient cities so that visitors could be disinfected and wash before entering. These 2nd-century ones stand…

4. Temple of Isis

0.07 MILES

Objects discovered in this small temple in the Upper Agora suggested that it was dedicated to the Egyptian goddess Isis.

5. Odeon

0.07 MILES

Built around AD 150, this once-lavish 1400-seat theatre boasts marble seats with lions' paws and other carved ornamentation. It was used primarily for…

6. Tomb of St Luke

0.08 MILES

It is thought that the ruins of the small circular building south of the Baths of Varius, which was once a church, contain the tomb of the evangelist, St…

7. Temple of Hestia

0.09 MILES

The Prytaneum hosted this shrine, where the city's eternal flame was tended by vestal virgins, and was fronted by a giant statue of Artemis, now in the…

8. Prytaneum

0.09 MILES

Two of six original Doric columns mark the entrance to the ruined Prytaneum, one of the most important civic structures in Ephesus. Within and dedicated…