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The region's diversity – from religious conservatism to Western hedonism, from bastions of the tourist-industrial complex to quiet, timeless villages – is belied by the short commute it takes to get from one to the other. It's one of the country's most accessible and rewarding destinations, and an embellishment to every touring itinerary of Tunisia.

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$13.31 Transfers & Ground Transport

Private Arrival or Departure Transfer: Zarzis Djerba Airport

Just as you arrive to Zarzis Djerba International Airport, your driver will greet you with a name plate and transfer to your hotel on Djerba Island. This is a private transfer which means that you will not share a car with anyone apart from your booking. The cars used for this service are less than 5 years old. Private transfers can make your stay much more simple and enjoyable. Don't go through all the stress of taking a taxi or facing long shuttle queues and make the best of your journey from the moment you arrive on Zarzis Djerba International Airport. The driver is well trained and will make sure that you have a smooth ride from door to door. Please bear in mind, that drivers might not speak English fluently.

$121.96 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Kairouan and El Jem Tour from Sousse

Departure to Kairouan from your Tunis accommodation. The visit starts with the last two 9th century Aghlabite Basins which were among the greatest waterworks of the middle Ages. The basins are seen from the top of the Tourist Information Building and they form an introduction to the foundation of Kairouan and its glorious age. Proceed to visit the 7th century Great Okba Mosque, the oldest one in North Africa. The clients will appreciate the powerful and beautiful expression of faith inherent in the 9th century building. Proceed to the nearby Sidi Sahbi, to visit the 17th-19th century building with its minaret & beautiful courtyards lined with green-blue tile work & white plaster stucco. Then on to the entrance of the Medina and the guided walk through the main street of the mystic Medina up to "Bir Barrouta". Free time is given for individual discovery & shopping at the Medina. Lunch at a local restaurant. Transfer to El Jem (70 km / 1h 15mn drive). El Jem’s amphitheatre is the main attraction and is one of Tunisia’s most often visited sites. This monumental amphitheatre, built in the mid 3rd century AD (230-240 AD), is the largest Roman monument left in Africa, and ranks 3rd in the Empire after those of Rome and Verona.  Being one of the last large amphitheatres built during the Roman era, its architectural design is an improvement over that of the Coliseum of Rome, though it is not a great deal smaller.

$143.49 Day Trips & Excursions

Full-Day Tour to Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, and Bardo Museum from Sousse

Departure to Carthage, founded by the Phoenicians in 814 BC. The earliest settlements of Punic Carthage can sill be seen on Byrsa Hill, just below the renowed Carthage National Museum. Although destroyed by the Romans in 146BC and later built over by them, recent excavation has revealed the foundations of five-story Punic houses, each with its own cistern and drainage system. The most remarkable early remains are the two basins of the Punic Ports, an evidence of the Carthaginian’ mastery of the sea, which fascinated and frustrated the Romans. Another important site of pre-roman Carthage is the Tophet, a burial ground and a sanctuary of the Punic deities Tanit and Baal. Proceed to Sidi Bou Said, 5 km from Carthage (10mn drive). Sidi Bou said: Perched high atop of a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, this picturesque village is a delightful place for a leisurely stroll through winding cobbled streets. Its trademark white walls, contrasting sky blue doors and ornate window grids, make for a wonderfully inspiring setting.  Wander around the boutiques for souvenirs or relax at a cliff-side Moorish café. After taking lunch at a local restaurant, transfer to Bardo. The Bardo museum is housed in the bey of Tunis’ former palace.  Famous for its Roman mosaics taken from archaeological sites all over the country, it is widely considered one of the best collections in the world.  Just when you think that you’ve seen the best, the next room reveals something even more wondrous!  Though the Bardo is primarily about mosaics, it also houses the most important finds from Tunisia’s archaeological sites.  Continue to the Medina (the heart of historic Tunis) one of the best preserved Islamic cities in the world. Walk through the meandering streets, viewing the architecture of some residential quarter, as well as the activity and excitement of the souks. Also see the great Mosque of Djamaa-ez-Zitouna, walking through Souk Echaouchia (Traditional cap makers market) and Souk El Attarine (Perfume market). 

$179.36 Cultural & Theme Tours

Tataouine, Beni Khedech and Chenini Day Tour including Lunch from Djerba

Departure From  your hotel in Djerba to Medenine via the Roman Bridge. Arrival to Mednine and visit the Ksours of Ouerghemmas, in this peak attic of the largest confederation of Berber tribes contained over 6000 ghorfas, the vast majority has now disappeared. Continuation towards Beni Khedech, designed like Matmata, underground and discreet; visit of Ksar Haddada. Lunch in matamata : local restaurant & local foods.On to Tataouine, a brief stop at the Spice Market and lunch at a relais. Continuation to Douiret, short stop for photos, then on to Chenini, visit the village and then return to Djerba via Medenine and the Roman Bridge.

$399 Multi-day & Extended Tours

3 Days Tunisian Sahara Camel Trek

Day 1: Arrive in Douz Following an early pick-up from your hotel or accommodation in Douz, meet your Bedouin cameleers and begin your camel trek, you will enjoy riding the camel through the fascinating views of the golden dunes and the amazing landscape changing as the day progresses.At midday, you will have the break for lunch, while the chef will prepare a delicious meal, you have the opportunity to take photos of the impressive desert. After lunch, your journey continues to the desert camp for an overnight stay, spending the night under the starry Saharan sky, drumming around the fire following an impressive Berber dinner. Day 2: In the early morning enjoy the charming sunrise and have a Berber breakfast, then riding the camel and see some rather beautiful panoramic views. At midday will return to camp so you can watch how they prepare a traditional Bedouin lunch, this style of food is unique, so you enjoy. Soon after a tasty lunch, you will ride the camel til the sunset and also have the opportunity to enjoy the amazing sunset on top of the golden dunes. Finishing a fine day, with a marvelous dinner nearby campfire, under the millions of stars. Day 3: Waking up to the aroma of freshly brewed coffee and tasty breakfast, and enjoying an amazing sunrise. Riding the camel, discovering the incredible sides of the beautiful desert. At midday, you will have a traditional healthy lunch along the famous flatbread prepared on open fire, then continue to ride the camel through the remarkable dunes and fantastic landscape, from there, your Tunisian desert adventure will wind to a close, with a camel trek back to the initial meeting point, where your return transportation to Douz awaits.

$375 Outdoor Activities

Overnight Tunisia Sahara Desert Safari by 4x4

Day 1:Start your overnight experience with a pickup from your Douz hotel, and then travel into the desert aboard your Land cruiser, a mode of transport used extensively in 1950s desert expeditions. As you travel, listen to your guide’s stories about the sahara desert past and present, as well as the many customs and traditions that you’ll experience throughout the evening.

 Head through Douz Desert Reserve on an African-style wildlife safari, looking out for Arabian gazelles, Fennecs, oryx, and then stop in a Bedouin-inspired camp in the grounds of a private royal retreat. Make your way past the gently flickering flames from the lights that mark the entranceway, and then hop out of your Land Cruiser to take a seat at your table.

 Before your meal starts, a range of cultural activities are demonstrated around the tables. Enjoy an Arabic Mint Tea and sit back to watch the bedouin chef food preparation. Pose in the sand dunes for a photo as the sun goes down, watch a bread-making demonstration or gaze at Tunisia's national bird – the falcon. If you want to immerse yourself in the culture even more, why not get a henna tattoo, smoke a shisha pipe (Arabic water pipe) or even try the traditional mode of Bedouin transport — a camel.

 Take a seat back at your table in time for a cookery demonstration, where you’ll learn how to make local flat bread prepared on open fire. Then, all that’s left to do is to feast on your 4-course dinner under the stars. Like the activities at the camp, the dishes are mostly traditional Bedouin specialties. 

 After your meal, sit around the bonfire and gaze up at the stars, and then make your way to your Arabic tent — complete with comfortable mattress, pillows and blanket — nestled inside the camp. Settle in and enjoy sleeping overnight in the heart of the desert!

 Day 2: 
Wake to a beautiful sunrise in the morning and to the scent of strong Arabic coffee brewing and to see your breakfast being cooked. Then, feast on traditional breakfast bread, washed down with Arabic coffee, of course. You will also hear fascinating tales first-hand from a local Bedouin who will be joining you for breakfast. 

After your breakfast, meet your driver and bid your friends in the desert camp a fond farewell before traveling back to Douz. Then, finish your experience with a drop-off at your hotel.