Inside the National Culture Centre, the National Museum showcases Cook Islands and South Pacific artefacts, and sometimes hosts temporary exhibitions. Books on the Pacific are also for sale.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Avarua attractions

1. Cook Islands Christian Church

0.15 MILES

Avarua’s white-washed church was built in 1853. The graveyard contains the graves of author Robert Dean Frisbie, and Albert Henry, the first prime…

2. Para O Tane Palace

0.19 MILES

On the inland side of the main road is this palace and its surrounding Taputapuatea marae. The palace is where Makea Takau, the paramount ariki (chief) of…

3. BCA Art Gallery


This historical building was once an LMS missionary school. These days it houses an excellent art gallery, gift shop and courtyard cafe.

4. Cook Islands Library & Museum Society

0.21 MILES

Inland behind the Para O Tane Palace, this collection of Pacific literature incorporates a small museum. Intriguing exhibits include an old whaling pot,…

6. Cook Islands Whale & Wildlife Centre

1.36 MILES

Visit this centre to learn about whales and other wildlife frequenting the Cook Islands. It’s an essential stop if you’re planning on going whale watching…

7. Arai-Te-Tonga Marae


A small sign points off the road to the island’s most important marae site, Arai-Te-Tonga. Situated just off the Ara Metua, there’s a stone-marked koutu …