Al-Israa Mosque


Pai's principal mosque.

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Nearby Pai attractions

1. Wat Klang

0.16 MILES

A Burmese-inspired Buddhist temple in Pai.

3. Wat Phra That Mae Yen

0.77 MILES

This temple sits atop a hill and has terrific views overlooking the valley. To get here, walk 1km east from the main intersection in town to get to the…

4. Wat Nam Hoo

1.79 MILES

Wat Nam Hoo is about 2km west of Pai and houses a sacred Buddha image said to have once emitted holy water from its head. The place is popular with…

5. Ban Santichon

2.52 MILES

The cheesy photo ops in traditional Chinese clothing, piped-in music, tea tastings, pony rides, tacky recreation of the Great Wall of China and…

6. Ban Santichon Viewpoint

2.98 MILES

A viewpoint at the Chinese village of Ban Santichon that offers decent views over the surrounding area.

7. Nam Tok Pembok

3.51 MILES

Higher up than the other waterfalls close to Pai, Nam Tok Pembok is at its best after the rainy season (October to early December). The waterfall is about…

8. Pai Canyon

3.95 MILES

Pai Canyon is located 8km from Pai along the road to Chiang Mai. A paved stairway here culminates in an elevated lookout over high rock cliffs and the Pai…