Oub Kham Museum

Chiang Rai

This slightly zany private museum houses an impressive collection of paraphernalia from virtually every corner of the former Lanna kingdom. The items, some of which truly are one of a kind, range from a monkey-bone food taster used by Lanna royalty to an impressive carved throne from Chiang Tung, Myanmar. The museum is located 2km west of the town centre and can be a bit tricky to find; túk-túk will go here for about 60B.

Guided tours (available in English and included in the entrance fee) are obligatory and include a walk through a gilded artificial cave holding several Buddha statues, complete with disco lights and fake torches! The grounds of the museum are equally kitschy and include a huge golden naga (a mythical serpent-like being with magical powers), waterfalls and fountains. An equal parts bizarre and enlightening experience.

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