Meunram Shrine


Hazy with incense smoke, the Chinese Meunram Shrine conceals a surprisingly elaborate interior behind a blander facade. It sometimes sponsors southern Thai shadow theatre.

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Nearby Trang attractions

1. Clock Tower

0.18 MILES

Trang's clock tower is an easy walk from the train station, east along Th Praram VI.

2. Wet & Dry Market

0.37 MILES

This lively and colourful wet and dry market on Th Ratchadamnoen is worth a look.

4. Wat Tantayaphirom

0.88 MILES

Wat Tantayaphirom has a huge white-and-gold chedi (stupa) enshrining a footprint of the Buddha that’s mildly interesting.

5. Hat Pak Meng

19.9 MILES

There's a wild-looking stretch of coastline at Hat Pak Meng, 39km west of Trang. Though the beach is scruffy, the spectacular jutting limestone karsts…

6. Hat Chao Mai National Park

20.03 MILES

This 231-sq-km park covers the shoreline from Hat Pak Meng to Laem Chao Mai, and encompasses the islands of Ko Muk, Ko Kradan and Ko Cheuk (plus a host of…

7. Hat Chang Lang

20.05 MILES

Casuarina-backed Hat Chang Lang is the prettiest beach on this strip of coast. The Hat Chao Mai National Park Headquarters is at the southern end of the…

8. Hat Sivalai

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Motoring into green-clad Ko Muk and landing on the sugary white sandbar of Hat Sivalai is a great way to start your stay. The slender beach runs to an…