Entrance of the Historical Museum of Sughd Province.

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Historical Museum of Sughd Province


Built within the reconstructed southeastern bastion of the city wall, this museum houses a fascinating set of modern marble mosaics depicting the life of Alexander the Great – the war scenes with their multiple horses are particularly finely crafted. The great warrior's funeral procession shows his hand dangling empty as he had reputedly requested, showing he had conquered half the world but went to his grave with nothing. With its basement dioramas of prehistoric life, this is Khojand's best museum.

Other features of the museum include some fine textiles and costumes, a traditional home showcasing Tajiki embroidery and some now rare Tajiki handwoven rugs.The main hall is dominated by a statue of Timur Malik, the local hero who battled the Mongol onslaught from an island in the Syr-Darya, formerly known as the Oxus. The river, which runs past Komil Khojandi Park alongside the citadel, makes for a pleasant post-museum stroll.

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