Yingge Old Street, with its (new) cobbled roads, traditional street lamps, red-brick facades and walk-in kilns, was Yingge's earliest ceramics hub. Pottery shops and stalls flanking sections of Wenhua Rd, Jianshanbu Rd and Chongqing Rd compete for your business, and you could spend hours just browsing. Note that the majority of items you see do not come from Yingge, or even Taiwan, but rather from China, Japan and other places in Asia.

Prices start at around NT$20 for a cup or saucer, while quality handmade pieces can cost tens of thousands. A good compromise for the budget shopper (who still wants something nice) are tea sets, coffee mugs, and earthenware jars and vases that can be purchased for from NT$1000 to several thousand dollars. Most shops close around 6pm and 7pm.

To get to the Old St from the museum, turn left as you exit and look for a wooded boardwalk next to a stream. Follow 150m to the end, and take the first alley to the right. Head up and cross the railway tracks on the pedestrian bridge and you are on the street.