Breast Touching Lane

Western Taiwan

The narrowest alley in Lukang gets its comical label from the fact that a man could not pass a woman down the narrow inner passageway without her breasts brushing against him. A true gentleman would always wait for a lady to pass first.

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1. Weiling Temple


Enshrined here is a deified folk hero of the Ming dynasty – General Liu, known for his valour in fighting the Manchus. When a statue of the general was…

2. Nine Turns Lane

0.19 MILES

Don't bother counting the turns as you wend your way past some of the oldest and most charming residences in Lukang on Nine Turns Lane. The number nine…

3. Din Family Old House

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This beautifully restored Fujian-style house, founded in the Qing dynasty, is the last remaining imperial scholar's home in Lukang. The Dins were…

5. Lukang Folk Arts Museum

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The handsome building of this museum was designed by a Japanese architect (who also designed the Presidential Office Building in Taipei) and built in 1919…

6. Half-Sided Well

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This now-filled well sits half inside the wall of a residence and half outside. The arrangement is a remnant of humbler days when not everyone could…

7. Sanshan Guowang Temple

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A small temple originally raised by Hakka migrants who treated it as both a place of worship and a compatriots' association. The resident gods are three…

8. Lukang Old Street


Lukang's old commercial hub, Yaolin and Butou Sts, is now a protected heritage zone. The narrow, century-old lanes are worth checking out for their red…