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Private Taipei Sunrise and Yangmingshan National Park Tour

Your tour guide will meet you at your accommodation in Taipei City at 5am, then drive you to Yangmingshan National Park. It will be an approximately 30 minute transfer from Taipei City to the sunrise point in the park. You will be able to stay at this point for 15 minutes to enjoy the sunrise from the ocean of the northeast coast of Taiwan. After, you will arrive at the Siaoyoukeng Recreation Area (about 20 minutes from Datun Ait Navigation Station), where you can watch the natural sulfur springs for 20 minutes. It is approximately 805 meters above sea level and is famed for the fumaroles, sulfur crystals and spectacular "landslide terrain" formed by post-volcanic activity. The last stop of the tour will be Qingtiangang (about 15 minutes from Siaoyoukeng), a lava terrace formed when the lava from Mt. Zhugao flowed north after its eruption. Because of its flat terrain, a ranch was established and the area was used as a pasture for grazing cattle during the Japanese occupation. The grassland is currently made up mainly of carpet grass and crenate-leaved eureya. After enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air of the morning, you will have the most authentic Taiwanese breakfast at Yong He Soy-Milk King at the end of your excusrion. Your tour guide will then drop you off at your accommodation or any other place in Taipei city.

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Taipei Beitou Hot Springs, National Palace Museum Private Tour

Start your full-day private tour with pickup at your Taipei hotel. Relax in the comfort of your private vehicle as you’re whisked away to Taipei’s most popular hot springs at Beitou.Locals swear by the healing powers of the municipal public bath's sulfurous waters, where you can dip into scalding-hot pools, warm baths and cold plunges. Bonus: Soak up the lush, mountainous landscape of adjacent Yangmingshan National Park as you're relaxing in the water. The outdoor baths, located at the outer edge of the city, were constructed in 1913 during the Japanese Colonial era, and you can learn all about the historical site inside the Beitou Hot Spring Museum. Accompanied by your guide, explore the elegant building that fuses Japanese and Victorian architectural styles to understand the cultural influences of Japanese onsen (hot spring baths) in Taiwan.Choose from two options for lunch: eat a basic Taiwanese meal at a food court, or upgrade to dine in style at the National Palace Museum's Silk Palace restaurant. If you select the upgrade, revel in a feast of dishes inspired by the art on display in the museum (see the sample menu in Itinerary).After lunch, your guide leads you back to Taipei to explore the National Palace Museum independently. If you like, a custom audio guide for adults and children (ages 10–14) is available to learn more about the impressive collection of paintings, rare books, ceramics, bronzes, jades and curios that spans some 8,000 years of Chinese history. See the museum’s own set of rock stars: the jadeite cabbage, the banded jasper (aka “meat-shaped stone”), and the Mao caldron. Take your time to peruse the exhibits, but keep in mind that with 650,000 items under one roof it could take a visitor years to discover the entire collection!End your tour with return transport by private vehicle to your Taipei hotel.

$114.25 Day Trips & Excursions

Taipei to Yangmingshan National Park Private Day Trip

Meet your experienced guide at a designated location in the Zhongzheng District of Taipei and hop aboard a private, air-conditioned vehicle to begin your full-day tour of Yangmingshan National Park. Located 3,280 feet (1,000 meters) above sea level, the park’s volcanic landscape thrives with natural minerals and an abundance of seasonal plants and flowers. Departing at 9am, you’ll reach your first stop in Yangmingshan, located less than an hour away. Visit the Zhongshan Building (Chung-Shan Building), one of several structures in the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall complex. Your guide will inform you about the historical significance of the building – its image appears on the new Taiwan 100 dollar bill – and discuss the architectural style of the white walls and green tiles, designed by the female architect Xiu Zelan.Next, enjoy lunch at Stone House Restaurant, one of Yangmingshan’s famous restaurants. Dine on delicious authentic Taiwanese cuisine in an intimate setting decorated with antiques.After lunch, your guide will take your private party to the small oil pit (Xiaoyoukeng) to discover Taiwan’s famous extinct volcano. Keep an eye out for remnants of the site’s former volcanic activity as steam and gases are still emitted from this natural phenomenon. Learn about the sulfurous rocks and natural hot springs in Yangmingshan as you walk along nearby hiking trails and pass through a thick bamboo forest in a region covered with silver grass. From here, head to Qingtiangang Meadow, also known as ‘Valley of the Sun,' where lush green pastures blanket grounds that were once a lava field. Take a lazy stroll around Qingtiangang Meadow to watch cattle graze and revel in the clear, fresh air of Taiwan’s countryside. Finally, drop by enchanting Bamboo Lake where a 32-acre (13-hectare) field of flowers bursts into bloom (depending on the season) in the fertile, volcanic soil. In spring, calla lilies are a favorite for picking in this picturesque valley where mountains dot the landscape that is some 500,000 years old. Around 5pm, your guide will transport you back by private vehicle, arriving in Taipei around 6pm.

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Taiwan-go Charter Car Service in Northern Taiwan

Experience Northern Taiwan by your own way!  Your driver will take you into the lives of locals or drive as your itinerary. With personalized itineraries,your itinerary can be customized to ensure that you have an unforgettable journey. Enjoy different topics of trip: Culture, Nature, Foodie, Shopping, Entertainment,etc. You can select your OWN TOPIC!You will be picked up from your accommodation in Taipei/ New Taipei/ Taoyuan City. [ The service area is between Keelung and Hsinchu. The direct distance is more than 100 KM.] ★Here are many famous scenic spots nearby Taipei. Jiufen Traditional StreetShiFen WaterfallPingXi StationGolden MuseumNational Palace MuseumYangmingshan National Park Yehliu GeoParkNortheast Coast Area Eastern Area of Taipei ( fantastic shopping place)...and so on.*Here are two good examples for one-day trip.1. Hotel pick-up→Shili Presidential Residence→National Palace Museum→Yangmingshan National Park →Beitou Hot spring→Hotel drop-off2. Hotel pick-up→ ShiFen Waterfall→Golden Museum→JiuFen Traditional Street (Animation background:Spirited Away)→PingXi Lantern→Hotel drop-off【Vehicle Types】TOYOTA WISH/ TOYOTA Altis 1.8/ BMW 3 series/Honda CRV/ t5(9 seats)....and so on. ★★Your top choice for charter car service! ★★ PS.  A professional translator or interpreter can be arranged if required.

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Experience The Gem Of Chinese Culture:Beijing Opera

Due to the effect of volcanic activities, Yangmingshan National Park features awl-shaped volcanoes, caldera lakes, solfataras, geothermal, and hot springs. Every February and March, the blossom season attracts crowds of visitors. There will be around 1,600 cherry trees. In addition, all kinds of plants and flowers bloom. If the Calla Lily season comes, you can also visit the gardens of Calla Lilies in Jhuzihu or even experience plucking Calla Lilies by yourselves. Because of its unique architecture and culture, Xingtian Temple attracts countless visitors. Different food stands gather around there, including handcart oil rice/ green bean noodles/noodles. Sticky tofu, pig blood soup, and tempuras are all highly recommended, which are definitely worth a try. The biggest difference between normal theater and TaipeiEYE is the interaction between performers and audiences before and after the show, or even during the intermission. You can appreciate this interaction in the open make-up rooms and the photo areas. To overcome the language barrier, all performances concerning spoken language will include Chinese, Japanese, English, and Korean subtitles. There are also staffs that are proficient in four different languages. They will help you if you need it.

$60 Outdoor Activities

Night View from Yangmingshan , Taipei

How amazing Taipei is to have such a wonderful garden. Yangmingshan national park serves as a relaxing retreat for people who live in Taipei, and it is easily accessible from the downtown area since it’s close to Taipei city. Justaiwantour will also take you to a night view restaurant. You can take a sip of coffee and enjoy a spectacular night view from the mountain. Speaking of Yangmingshan national park, people think of a large flower clock and the cattle at Qingtiangang grassland. Aside from that attractions, people forget about the night view from Yangmingshan. Up from Yangmingshan, you can experience the spectacular Taipei night view there, which is highly recommended. Follow Justaiwantour’s travel expert, you will definitely leave an excellent impression in Taiwan.