Zoo Zürich


With more than 380 species in as-nature-intended enclosures, Zoo Zürich is home to elephants, lemurs, chameleons, camels, yaks and penguins. With one eye on conservation, its habitats include Masoala Hall, which mimics the rainforest, and the Pantanal, which displays animals from the South American wetlands. Check the website for feeding times.

A visit will typically take around four hours.

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Nearby Zürich attractions

1. Museum of Wax Moulages

1.42 MILES

Moulages are 3D, naturalistic recreations of body parts and the skin alterations that various diseases can evoke. They were used in the 19th century to…

2. Focus Terra

1.54 MILES

This hands-on university museum reveals the treasures of the earth, explaining what makes volcanoes erupt, where gems come from and what fossils tell us…

3. Archaeological Collection

1.56 MILES

Discover ancient history at the University of Zürich's archaeological collection. The extensive collection of both original pieces and plaster casts is…

4. Zoological Museum


Dinosaur skeletons, giant mammoths, sloths – the hands-on Zoological Museum of the University of Zürich is home to 1500 stuffed animals, with interactive…

5. Kunsthaus

1.79 MILES

Zürich’s impressive fine-arts gallery boasts a rich collection of largely European art. It stretches from the Middle Ages through a mix of Old Masters to…

6. Niederdorf

1.79 MILES

On the Limmat River’s east bank, the winding cobbled streets of Niederdorf are crammed with restaurants, bars, galleries, bookshops and craft shops…

7. Platzspitz

1.83 MILES

An appealing little park where the Limmat and Sihl Rivers come together, just north of the train station and Landesmuseum. James Joyce was fond of this…

8. Schweizerisches Landesmuseum

1.85 MILES

Inside a purpose-built cross between a mansion and a castle sprawls this eclectic and imaginatively presented museum. The permanent collection offers an…