Northeastern Switzerland

The Unesco-listed Benedictine monastery of Reichenau was founded in 724.

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1. Reichenau


In AD 724 a missionary named Pirmin founded a Benedictine monastery on Reichenau, a 4.5km-by-1.5km island (Lake Constance’s largest) about 11km west of…

2. Schloss Arenenberg

1.39 MILES

France’s Napoleon III grew up at this handsome, powder-puff-pink mansion with beautiful grounds on Lake Constance. The little chateau dates to the 16th…

3. Pulverturm

5.43 MILES

Standing sentinel above the Rhine is the squat 14th-century Pulverturm tower, with 2m-thick walls.

4. Niederburg


Best explored on foot, Konstanz’ cobbled heart Niederburg stretches north from the Münster to the Rhine. The twisting lanes lined with half-timbered…

5. Römersiedlung

5.53 MILES

The glass pyramid in front of the Münster shelters the Römersiedlung, the 3rd-century-AD remains of the Roman fort Constantia that gave the city its name…

6. Rathaus

5.53 MILES

Slightly south of the Münster, the flamboyantly frescoed Renaissance Rathaus occupies the former linen weavers’ guildhall. Behind it you’ll find a…

7. Rheintorturm

5.54 MILES

On the Rheinsteig is the medieval Rheintorturm, a defensive tower with a pyramid-shaped red-tile roof.

8. Domprobstei

5.54 MILES

The orange-red, baroque Domprobstei was once the residence of the cathedral provosts.