Near the western end of the old city walls' walkway, you both ascend or descend here at Zytturm, with its legendary clock. Since the late Middle Ages the Zytturm Clock, held up by two giants, has had the right to chime first, one minute before all other public clocks in Lucerne. There are nine more historic clocks inside the tower that can be viewed for free.

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1. Wachturm

0.02 MILES

At the western end of the old city walls walkway, the Wachturm is where you have to turn around and retrace your steps, either to descend at Zytturm or…

2. Museggmauer

0.03 MILES

For a bird’s-eye view over Lucerne’s rooftops to the glittering lake and mountains beyond, wander along the top of the old city walls that date back to…

3. Schirmerturm

0.06 MILES

Your entrance point for a walk along the top of the old city walls, don't forget to climb to the top of the Schirmerturm tower before you get started. It…

4. Männliturm

0.17 MILES

West along the old city walls and not connected to the ramparts walkway, climb Männliturm for unobstructed views out over Lucerne and marvellous photo…

5. Spreuerbrücke


Downriver from Kapellbrücke, this 1408 structure is dark and small but entirely original. Lore has it that this was the only bridge where Lucerne's…

6. Old Town

0.21 MILES

The medieval Old Town, with its ancient rampart walls and towers, 15th-century buildings with painted facades and two covered bridges, is fascinating…

7. Kapellbrücke

0.23 MILES

You haven’t really been to Lucerne until you have strolled the creaky 14th-century Kapellbrücke, spanning the Reuss River in the Old Town. The octagonal…

8. Historisches Museum

0.24 MILES

Lucerne's history museum is cleverly organised into a series of attention-grabbing themed sections, each interpreted in German or English with the help of…