Perching on a rocky ledge at the confluence of the Melezzo and Isorno rivers and looking into a valley bounded by mountain beyond mountain, Intragna has a pop-effect and is the trailhead for a number of hikes, including a 5km one to Rasa. Its crowning glories are its the bell tower of the baroque Chiesa di San Gottardo – said to be Ticino's highest at 65m – and the nearby 80m-high Isorno viaduct, which arcs gracefully across a gorge.

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Nearby Ticino attractions

1. Rasa

2.44 MILES

Redolent of a more peaceful bygone age, Rasa is an utterly charming stone village, clinging to high slopes, combed through with neatly tended vegetable…

2. Museo Casa Anatta

3.23 MILES

The late 19th century saw the arrival of ‘back to nature’ utopians, anarchists and sexual libertarians from northern Europe in Ascona. Their aspirations…

3. Museo Comunale d’Arte Moderna

3.46 MILES

Housed in the late-16th-century Palazzo Pancaldi, this museum showcases paintings by artists connected with the town, among them Paul Klee, Ben Nicholson,…

4. Isole di Brissago

3.53 MILES

Marooned in the glimmering waters of Lake Maggiore, this tiny pair of islands is famous for its botanic gardens designed in the 19th century. Magnolias,…

5. Collegio Papio


The Collegio Papio, now a high school, boasts a fine Lombard courtyard and includes the 15th-century Chiesa Santa Maria della Misericordia, with medieval…

6. Chiesa di Sant'Antonio

4.28 MILES

Standing proud on a fountain-dotted square, this church is best known for its altar to the Cristo Morto (Dead Christ).

7. Pinacoteca Casa Rusca


This gallery occupies a beautifully restored 18th-century townhouse, Casa Rusca. The permanent collection zooms in on 20th century paintings, sculpture…

8. Chiesa di San Francesco

4.33 MILES

Standing on the site of a 13th-century Franciscan monastery, the 16th-century Chiesa di San Francesco is adorned with frescoes by Baldassare Orelli. Note…