Pete Seaward

Canton of Zürich

Naturally, the lakeside city of Zürich is the canton's centre of attention, with a clutch of excellent museums and restaurants in the walkable Altstadt (Old Town), not to mention happening bars, galleries and boutiques with urban edge in the revitalised Zürich-West neighbourhood.

But it’s also worth venturing beyond Switzerland’s financial capital for a day or two to delve deeper into this canton, where the Alps seem tantalisingly close on cloud-free days. Within half an hour of the city, you can try out walking trails or mountain-bike routes in the heights of 871m Uetliberg, or explore castle-topped Rapperswil and its medieval Old Town by the lake. Should art be more your bag, factor in a detour to Winterthur, something of a cultural hotspot, with a trio of terrific galleries and one of Europe’s foremost photography museums.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout Canton of Zürich.