Southwestern Sweden

Northeast near the Hojum power station crowds gather on the bridge in anticipation of a mighty cascade of unleashed water. Normally the water is diverted through the power station, but at set times the sluice gates are opened and 300,000L per second thunders through. For an even more magnificent sight, wait for the night-time illuminated waterfall, which usually occurs during the Waterfall Days festival in mid-July.

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1. Innovatum Linbana

0.55 MILES

The Innovatum Linbana sweeps you over the canal to the hydroelectricity area, giving you a great overview of the city's locks and waterways. Once you’re…

2. Saab Bilmuseum

0.59 MILES

Saab Bilmuseum is a must for car fanatics and Swedish design buffs. At this warehouse-showroom, gleaming Saab car models range from the first made (a…

3. Innovatum Science Center


Innovatum Science Center, next door to the Saab Bilmuseum, is a fantastic science centre with all sorts of wacky interactive gadgets for kids of all ages …

4. Galleri Nohab Smedja


Galleri Nohab Smedja, an old smithy’s workshop now used for temporary art exhibitions, such as metal art by local and international smiths, is managed by…

5. Slussområde

0.97 MILES

Take a wander southwest of the town center to Slussområde, a lovely waterside area of parkland and ancient lock systems. Here you’ll find cafes and the…

6. Kungajaktmuseet Älgens Berg

7.22 MILES

Kungajaktmuseet Älgens Berg, the royal hunting museum, is at the entrance to the Hunneberg & Hanneberg Nature Reserve, and tells you everything you could…

7. Hunneberg & Hanneberg Nature Reserve

10.57 MILES

Described by Linnaeus as an ‘earthly paradise’, the Hunneberg & Hanneberg Nature Reserve covers two dramatic, craggy plateaus 8km east of town. There are…

8. Fiskebäckskil

29.95 MILES

Passenger/cyclist-only ferry 847 (25kr) crosses the Gullmarn fjord roughly hourly to Fiskebäckskil, of the cute cobbled streets and wood-clad houses. The…