Stockholm Archipelago


Historic Site in Vaxholm

Vaxholm Fortress Museum

While the current structure dates from 1833, the origins of Vaxholm Fortress lie in 1544, when King Gustav Vasa ordered its construction to protect the Swedish capital and mainland. It repelled an attack by the...

Museum in Vaxholm


The Hembygdsgård preserves the finest old houses in Norrhamn. The fiskarebostad is an excellent example of a late-19th-century fisherman’s house, complete with typical Swedish fireplace. Looking like a doll's...

Museum in Siaröfortet

Siaröfortet Museum

At this fortress-turned-museum you can check out the officers’ mess, kitchen, sleeping quarters and tunnels, plus two impressive 15.2cm cannons (they’re trained on passing Viking Line ferries!). Guided tours are...

Mine in Utö

Iron Mine

The most unusual of Utö's sights is the remains of Sweden’s oldest iron mine, which opened in 1150 and closed in 1879. The three pits are now flooded – the deepest is Nyköpingsgruvan (215m). They're an...

Historic Site in Arholma

Batteri Arholma

Fans of military history can tour this formerly top-secret Cold War–era base, complete with cannons aimed at sea and underground living space for 340 men. Information in English may be a little sparse, but if you...