Långe Jan

Southeastern Sweden

Scandinavia's tallest lighthouse is a proud sentinal at the island's southernmost point.

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1. Öland’s Southernmost Point

0.05 MILES

Öland’s southernmost point is a stark, striking spectacle of epic sky, sea and rock-strewn pastures. A nature reserve almost surrounded by sea, it’s…

2. Stora Alvaret

2.59 MILES

Birds, insects and flowers populate the striking limestone plain of Stora Alvaret. Birdwatching is best in May and June, which is also when the Alvar’s…

3. Eketorp

8.61 MILES

If you can’t picture how the ring forts looked in their prime, take a trip to Eketorp. The site has been partly reconstructed to show typical fortified…

4. Gräsgård Harbour

9.83 MILES

On the east coast, about 5km north of Eketorp, Gräsgårds Fiskehamn is somewhat smelly little fishing harbour where a vendor sells fish and chips. A little…

5. Gettlinge

12.3 MILES

The ancient grave field of Gettlinge, together with similar site Mysinge, stretches for kilometres on the ridge alongside the main Mörbylånga–Degerhamn…

6. Mysinge Hög

22.88 MILES

The biggest single monument amid the ancient grave fields of Mysinge and Gettlinge is Bronze Age tomb Mysinge hög, 4km east of Mörbylånga, from where…