Neptuni åkrar

Southeastern Sweden

On the far north of Öland's western edge, this beautiful reserve is famed for its spread of blue viper’s bugloss flowers in early summer.

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Nearby Southeastern Sweden attractions

1. Lyckesand

2.89 MILES

One of the island’s best beaches, known for it's long stretches of fine white sand and calm waters.

2. Blå Jungfrun National Park


The Blå Jungfrun (Blue Maiden) National Park encompasses a 1km-long granite island also known as ‘Witches’ Mountain’ because, according to ancient…

3. Trollskogen

8.21 MILES

The strangely twisted trees and ancient burrows at this nature reserve are well worth a visit.

4. Källa kyrka

10.42 MILES

This atmospheric church, at a little harbour about 36km northeast of Borgholm, off Rd 136, is a fine example of Öland’s medieval fortified churches. The…

5. Sandvikskvarn

13.14 MILES

At Sandvik on the west coast, about 30km north of Borgholm, this Dutch-style windmill is one of the largest in the world. In summer, you can climb its…

6. Kulturhuset

20.34 MILES

Oskarshamn's Cultural Hall houses two interesting museum collections. Admission to one also includes the other. Döderhultarmuseet features around 200…

7. Solliden Palace

29.23 MILES

Sweden’s most famous ‘summer house’, Solliden Palace, 2.5km south of Borgholm town centre, is still used by the Swedish royals. Its exceptional gardens…

8. Borgholms Slott

29.5 MILES

Northern Europe’s largest ruined castle, Borgholms Slott looms just south of town. This epic limestone structure was burnt and abandoned early in the 18th…