With the recent military coup on 11 April 2019, the security situation is a fluid one. The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office still advise against all travel to much of western and southern Sudan, with all but essential travel to areas within 100km of Egypt west of the Nile Valley. Click here for more information.

Wake at the break of day under the golden pyramids of godlike kings of old, traverse a searing desert to the place where two Niles become one, and watch a million ruby-red fish swarm through gardens of coral. For the few travelers who venture here, the sights found amongst Sudan's sweeping hills of sand come as a fantastic surprise.

Various conflicts long put part of this vast nation off limits, but recent relative calm could lead to visitors rediscovering Sudan's 1st-century temples, thundering granite mountains and undeveloped diving in the Red Sea. Whether you rush through on a Cairo-to–Cape Town trip, or spend a slow month soaking up the history, visiting Sudan is a memorable experience.

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