Dutch Market


Look for the Dutch Market with its displays of fruits and vegetables under a 300-year-old columned roof. It's located on busy Main St, close to other food and spice merchants.

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Nearby Galle attractions

1. Galle International Cricket Stadium

0.43 MILES

Once a racecourse for wagering British colonials, Galle's cricket ground was established over 100 years ago. Since 1998 it has been used for international…

2. Sun Bastion

0.45 MILES

Occupying the northeast corner of the ramparts, with magnificent vistas over Galle harbour and cricket ground, this large fortification was first…

3. Zwart Bastion

0.49 MILES

Guarding Galle harbour, this bastion was enlarged by the Dutch in 1730 and contains a tunnel (which has not been excavated), possibly once used as a…

4. Main Gate


The Main Gate in the northern stretch of the wall is a comparatively recent addition – it was built by the British in 1873 to handle the heavier flow of…

5. Moon Bastion

0.53 MILES

There are terrific views over the Galle cricket stadium from this huge bastion, where Dutch soldiers once manned around 19 cannons.

6. National Museum

0.54 MILES

This museum is housed in what's thought to be the oldest Dutch building in Galle, dating back to 1686. Displays are somewhat dusty and dated but include…

7. Clock Tower

0.55 MILES

Just inside the northern ramparts of the Fort, this large stone bell tower dates from 1883.

8. Old Gate

0.56 MILES

A beautifully carved British coat of arms tops the entrance to the Old Gate on the outer side. Inside, the letters VOC, standing for Verenigde…