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The South

Prepare your senses for overload, for the South is Sri Lanka at its most sultry and enticing: a glorious shoreline of dazzling white curves of sand set against emerald forested hills. Yes, you'll find the region a delight to explore, with each bend in the coastal highway revealing yet another idyllic cove to investigate.

Galle, an utterly captivating walled city replete with historic interest, is undoubtedly the South's cultural highlight, but there's also astonishing Buddhist-inspired art in lonely caves and the sacred precinct of Kataragama, an important pilgrimage town.

No matter what you’re after you’ll find it here. Surfers return year after year to pursue the perfect break. There's the chance to see blue whales surging through offshore swells and turtles crawling onto moonlit beaches. Meanwhile, in the national parks, leopards move like spirits in the night and elephants trumpet across the forest to acclaim the first light of day.

Top attractions

These are our favorite local haunts, touristy spots, and hidden gems throughout The South.