Elephant Pass War Memorial

Jaffna & the North

This grandiose, vaguely stupa-like monument glorifies the role of the Sri Lankan armed forces in defeating the LTTE and lauds the role of former President Rajapaksa. Huge bronze hands hold aloft a model of the country and are surrounded by bandoleer-wearing lions. It's at the north end of the causeway.

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1. Buldozer Memorial

1.51 MILES

About 1km south of the causeway's southern end, there is a large memorial to Gamini Kularatne, a Sri Lanka Army soldier who single-handedly disabled an…

2. Chempiyanpattu Beach

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There’s a stunning beach here – a classic tropical picture of white sand, azure ocean and swaying coconut palms – though absolutely no facilities. Perfect…

3. Fallen Water Tower

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Right near the centre of town, an enormous concrete water tower lies on its side where it was toppled in the final days of the war in 2008. The sheer size…

4. Manalkadu Beach

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A small dirt road runs for 3.1km off the B371 to this lovely beach. There are a few fishing boats, some palm trees and not much else on the sand. The…

5. Vallipura Aalvar Kovil

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The much-revered Vallipura Aalvar Kovil is 5km south from central Point Pedro. Its gopuram is painted in an unusually restrained colour palette and the…

6. Munai Beach

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Simply a very fine beach, not far east of the Point Pedro Lighthouse. It's often good for swimming when the water is calm.

7. Point Pedro Lighthouse

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Occupies a prominent spot with sweeping views at the east end of the spectacular VVT–Point Pedro Coast Rd. Although the lighthouse is fenced off and…

8. Theru Moodi Madam

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These mysterious and elaborately carved ruins of a gate over the road are thought to date to Dutch colonial times. It's about 100m east of the heart of…