Temple Trees


The official prime minister's house has also been the residence for several recent presidents, including Mahinda Rajapaksa. It's heavily protected.

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1. St Andrew's Church

0.24 MILES

As compact as a fresh haggis, this 1834 granite church is an island of calm back from Galle Rd. Inside the cool interior, the walls are lined with fulsome…

2. Seema Malakaya Meditation Centre

0.41 MILES

One of Colombo’s most photographed sights is on an island on the east side of the South Beira Lake. This small but captivating meditation centre was…

3. Altair

0.45 MILES

Another of Colombo's new instant landmarks, the 240m-tall Altair is a stunning edifice that takes its name from its soaring A-shape. Balconies texturise…

4. Colombo Club

0.47 MILES

The remaining structures of the 1871 Colombo Club face the green from the grounds of Taj Samudra hotel; the club’s rooms are still used for functions.

5. Gangaramaya Temple

0.54 MILES

Run by one of Sri Lanka’s more politically adept monks, Galboda Gnanissara Thera, this bustling temple complex has a library, a museum and an…

6. Galle Face Green

0.61 MILES

This long open space traditionally faced a narrow beach and the sea. It was originally cleared by the Dutch to give the cannons of Fort a clear line of…

7. Colonial Storefronts

0.61 MILES

A row of colonial storefronts on Union Pl that aren't looking particularly healthy, what with the trees growing out their facades.

8. Cinnamon Life

0.69 MILES

Sri Lanka's Cinnamon Group is behind this vast mixed-use development that will overwhelm the west side of Slave Island. Its eye-catching modern design…