San Pablo Church on Plaza de San Pablo in Valladolid, Spain.

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Plaza de San Pablo


This open square is dominated by the exquisite Iglesia de San Pablo, which has one of northern Spain's most extraordinary church facades. Excepting some side chapels, the church's interior is elegant and simple by comparison. Also here is the Palacio de Pimentel, the birthplace of Felipe II.

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1. Iglesia de San Pablo

0.03 MILES

The main facade of this church is an extravagant masterpiece of Isabelline Gothic, with every square centimetre finely worked, carved and twisted to…

2. Palacio de Pimentel

0.05 MILES

Fronting the Plaza de San Pablo is the Palacio de Pimentel, where, on 12 July 1527, Felipe II was born. A tiled mural in the entrance hall shows scenes…

3. Museo Nacional de Escultura

0.06 MILES

Spain's premier showcase of polychrome wood sculpture is housed in the former Colegio de San Gregorio (1496), a flamboyant Isabelline Gothic–style…

5. Ruins of the Collegiate Church

0.29 MILES

Check out the 13th-century ruins of the Collegiate Church (atop which the cathedral was partly built) along the cathedral's northeastern perimeter.

7. Museo Diocesano y Catedralicio


Attached to the cathedral, this museum of religious art and sacred objects includes a processional monstrance by Juan de Arfe; visit as part of a guided…

8. Catedral

0.32 MILES

Valladolid's 16th-century cathedral is not Castilla's finest, but it does have an extravagant altarpiece by Juan de Juní and a processional monstrance by…