Convent Carmen

Barrio del Carmen

In the grounds of a former convent, this cultural space hosts everything from music and movies to yoga and debates. In the large garden, food is served from converted shipping containers. Fairy lights add atmosphere in evenings and by day there are plenty of spots – shaded and sunny – to relax with a beer. Try the large swing chairs.

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1. Centro del Carmen

0.12 MILES

Behind the church on the landmark Plaza del Carmen, this centre occupies the handsome Gothic cloister and rooms of the monastery that once backed it. It's…

2. Institut Valencià d’Art Modern

0.18 MILES

This impressive gallery hosts excellent temporary exhibitions and owns a small but impressive collection of 20th-century Spanish art. The most reliably…

3. Museo del Corpus

0.22 MILES

Behind tall doors rest Las Rocas, giant carts that are wheeled out to celebrate Valencia’s Corpus Christi festival. With their paintwork darkened with age…

4. Torres de Serranos

0.24 MILES

Once the main exit to Barcelona and the north, the imposing 14th-century Torres de Serranos overlooks the former bed of the Río Turia. Together with the…

5. Museo de Prehistoria

0.25 MILES

Surely due a modish revamp soon, this overly comprehensive museum of archaeology has some excellent pieces and loads of interesting information, but pick…

6. La Beneficència

0.25 MILES

This complex has cultural events and also contains two contiguous museums: the Museo de Prehistoria and the Museo de Etnología, entered on a single ticket.

7. Museo de Etnología

0.26 MILES

This ethnographic display is very sleek and modern, a welcome relief after the overly didactic archaeological museum that shares the halls in the…

8. Refugio de la Guerra Civil

0.27 MILES

One of several Republican air-raid shelters from the civil war around town, some of which can be visited, this was being rehabilitated as a cultural…