Mirador de la Ermita de Betlem

Breathtaking viewpoint (not just for exhausted cyclists) high up on the way to the Ermita de Betlem, with glorious views of the Badia d'Alcúdia and Cap Ferrutx.

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1. Ermita de Betlem

0.47 MILES

At the top of a steep climb and approached through a row of cypresses, this charming small church of stone dates to the early 19th century and contains a…

2. Ermita de Betlem

0.48 MILES

Founded in 1805, Ermita de Betlem is still home to hermits who live a life of seclusion and self-sufficiency. The alluring views over country and wind…

3. Platja de la Colònia de Sant Pere

2.21 MILES

On the shady Passeig del Mar, the sandy, protected and diminutive Platja de la Colònia de Sant Pere runs for a short distance, with swimmers bobbing about…

4. Santuari de Sant Salvador

3.13 MILES

Rising high and mighty above Artà, this walled fortress was built atop an earlier Moorish enclave and encloses a small church. The 4000-sq-metre complex,…

5. Museu Regional d'Artà

3.15 MILES

This little museum opens a window on Artà's fascinating past. There's a natural history section, and another tracing the development of the city through…

6. Transfiguració del Senyor

3.16 MILES

This church, built atop the foundations of a Moorish mosque, was begun soon after the Christian reconquest, although the restored facade dates to the 16th…

7. Platja de Sa Canova

3.69 MILES

On the southeast edge of Son Serra de Marina starts the long Platja de Sa Canova, a 2km stretch of quiet beach, backed by dunes and pine trees, which…

8. Ses Païsses

3.77 MILES

Just beyond Artà proper lies the remains of a 3000-year-old Bronze Age settlement, the largest and most important Talayotic site on the island's eastern…