Museo Taurino


Salamanca lies in one of Spain's bullfighting heartlands: this small museum is packed with bullfighting memorabilia. It was closed for renovations at the time of research.

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1. Plaza Mayor

0.05 MILES

Built between 1729 and 1755, Salamanca's exceptional grand square is widely considered to be Spain's most beautiful central plaza. It's particularly…

2. Iglesia de San Martín

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Romanesque Iglesia de San Martín is wedged among houses, but is a pretty encore to the adjacent Plaza Mayor. The south portal in particular is worth…

3. Palacio de Monterrey

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From the southwestern corner of Plaza Mayor, Calle del Prior leads to the Palacio de Monterrey, a 16th-century royal holiday home and a seminal piece of…

4. Convento y Museo de las Úrsulas

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A late-Gothic nunnery founded by Archbishop Alonso de Fonseca in 1512, the religious museum here is fairly modest, with some interesting paintings by Juan…

5. Torre del Clavero


This 15th-century octagonal fortress has an unusual square base and smaller cylindrical towers.

6. Casa de las Conchas

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One of the city's most endearing buildings, Casa de las Conchas is named after the 300 scallop shells clinging to its facade. The house's original owner,…

7. Real Clerecía de San Marcos

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Visits to this colossal baroque church and the attached Catholic university are via obligatory guided tours (in Spanish), which run every 45 minutes. You…

8. Convento de Santa Clara

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This much-modified convent started life as a Romanesque structure and now houses a small museum. You can admire the beautiful frescos and climb up some…