St Thomas Royal Monastery, Avila, Spain.

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Monasterio de Santo Tomás


Commissioned by the Reyes Católicos (Catholic Monarchs), Fernando and Isabel, and completed in 1492, this monastery is an exquisite example of Isabelline architecture, rich in historical resonance. Three interconnected cloisters lead to the church that contains the alabaster tomb of Don Juan, the monarchs' only son.

The tomb is backed by an altarpiece by Pedro de Berruguete that depicts scenes from the life of St Thomas Aquinas. The magnificent choir stalls, in Flemish Gothic style, are accessible from the upper level of the second cloister, the Claustro del Silencio.

To get here, head southeast from Jardín de San Vicente along Calle de Ferrol Hernandez and Avenida del Alférez Provisional.

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