Las Siete Calles


Forming the heart of Bilbao's Casco Viejo are seven streets known as the Siete Calles (Zazpi Kaleak in Basque). These dark, atmospheric lanes – Barrenkale Barrena, Barrenkale, Carnicería Vieja, Belostikale, Tendería, Artekale and Somera – date to the 1400s, when the east bank of the Ría del Nervión (Ría de Bilbao) was first developed. They originally constituted the city's commercial centre and river port; these days they teem with lively cafes, pintxo bars and boutiques.

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1. Catedral de Santiago

0.08 MILES

Towering above all in the Casco Viejo (although strangely invisible in the narrow streets) is the Catedral de Santiago, which has a vaulted cloister and…

2. Fuente del Perro

0.12 MILES

Designed by Juan Bautista de Oureta and Miguel de Maruri in 1800, this neoclassical fountain is located at a natural spring where market animals used to…

3. Casco Viejo

0.13 MILES

The compact Casco Viejo, Bilbao’s atmospheric old quarter, is full of charming streets, boisterous bars and plenty of quirky and independent shops. At the…

4. Euskal Museoa

0.19 MILES

One of Spain's best museums devoted to Basque culture takes visitors on a journey from Palaeolithic days to the 21st century, giving an overview of life…

5. Plaza Nueva

0.22 MILES

The main square of the old town, Plaza Nueva is lined with pintxos bars tucked inside the arch-lined colonnades. The neoclassical square opened in 1851…

6. Arkeologi Museo

0.22 MILES

This two-storey museum takes you deep into the past, beginning with 430,000-year-old fossils found in the Sierra de Atapuerca. On the 2nd floor, along the…

7. Iglesia San Nicolás de Bari

0.28 MILES

This landmark church by the northern entrance to the Casco Viejo was consecrated in 1756. Dedicated to St Nicholas of Bari, the patron saint of sailors,…

8. Concordia Train Station


The Concordia train station, with its art nouveau facade of wrought iron and tiles, was built in 1902 and for many years provided colour and interest in a…