Porta de Mar

La Rambla & Barri Gòtic

On the edge of the old Roman city, on the spot where the entry gate from the port once stood, further ruins of the 4th-century Roman wall have been uncovered next to the remains of some 1st-century thermal baths, all attached to the neo-Gothic Centre Cívic Pati Llimona. Next door is the 1503 Capella de Sant Cristòfol, patron of travellers and, since 1907, protector of automobiles!

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1. Hash, Marihuana & Hemp Museum

0.07 MILES

One of the world's largest museums dedicated to all things cannabis-related opened to much fanfare in 2012. Set in the beautifully restored 16th-century…

3. Palau Centelles

0.11 MILES

A rare late-15th-century gem, the Palau Centelles is set round a fine Gothic-Renaissance courtyard adorned with later flourishes from the 18th and 19th…

4. Edifici de Correus

0.11 MILES

Designed by architects Josep Goday and Jaume Torres in the 1920s, Barcelona's main post office building is filled with Noucentista paintings and crowned…

5. Ajuntament

0.12 MILES

Barcelona's town hall has been the seat of power for centuries. The Consell de Cent (the city’s ruling council) first sat here in the 14th century, but…

6. Plaça de Sant Jaume

0.14 MILES

In the 2000 or so years since the Romans settled here, the area around this often-remodelled square, which started life as the forum, has been the focus…

7. Basilica de la Mercè

0.14 MILES

Raised in the 1760s on the site of its Gothic predecessor, following designs by architect José Mas Dordal, this baroque church is home to Barcelona’s most…

8. Palau de la Generalitat

0.16 MILES

The early-15th-century Palau de la Generalitat opens through a monumental late-Renaissance facade with neoclassical leanings, designed by Pere Blai, but…