San Andrés de Teixido

Village in Cabo Ortegal & Around

Busloads of tourists and pilgrims descend on the holy hamlet of San Andrés de Teixido, renowned for its sanctuary of relics of St Andrew, in a beautiful fold of the coastal hills a 12km drive north from Cedeira. You can sample the area's famed percebes at several cafes here. A spectacular 5km stretch of the Ruta dos Peiraos path runs along the clifftops from Chao do Monte lookout, 4km up the road towards Cedeira (or a steep 1km walk).

The San Andrés legend is that if you don't come here alive, you'll have to come back three times after you die. In the underground chapel just outside the church's west end, pilgrims light candles and have left dozens of wax figures of people and parts of bodies as ex-voto thank offerings to the saint.