Museo de la Santísima Trinidad

Castilla-La Mancha

The best of Atienza’s three museums is inside the Iglesia de la Santísima Trinidad. Its soaring altarpiece and golden rococo-style side chapel are befitting of a church 10 times the size. Upstairs you’ll see a rather eerie 16th-century catafalque (coffin platform) painted with skeletons.

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1. Castillo Roquero

0.15 MILES

Now that’s what you call a castle! Looking like a natural extension of the crag upon which it stands, Atienza’s romantically dishevelled castillo has…

2. Museo de San Gil

0.19 MILES

This beautifully laid out museum is in the Romanesque Iglesia de San Gil. The church itself is perhaps the main ‘exhibit’ with its Mudéjar ceiling and…

3. Museo de San Bartolomé


One of a trio of church museums in Atienza, the Museo de San Bartolomé has a strong bias towards sacred art.

4. Museo Diocesano de Arte


Across the square from the cathedral, this well-presented museum houses a mediocre collection of religious art from Sigüenza and the surrounding area. Its…

5. Catedral de Santa María de Sigüenza

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Rising up from the heart of the old town is the city’s centuries-in-the-making masterpiece – the Cathedral of Santa María. Begun as a Romanesque structure…

6. Casa del Doncel

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This modest museum is located in a Gothic-Mudéjar mansion and is best visited for its guitar-making exhibition with a mock-up guitar workshop and cache of…

7. Castillo de Sigüenza

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Calle Mayor heads south up the hill from the cathedral to a magnificent-looking castle, which was originally built by the Romans and was, in turn, a…

8. Ermita de San Baudelio

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About 8km southeast of Berlanga de Duero stands the Ermita de San Baudelio, the simple exterior of which conceals a remarkable 11th-century Mozarabic…